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Just random bits and bobs... :iconjohnishappyplz: :iconbrianmayrapefaceplz: :iconrogerbuttplz:



ohh la la <3 :P :flirty: ;P ;P ;P :iconrogercameplz: :iconjohncameplz: :iconbriancameplz: :iconfreddiecameplz:


MAYLOR STORY (my first one; chapter 1)
Tours over, CD's been recorded and interviews now past tense. So today was the band's first day chilling… as Freddie and John were off having lunch at the nearby park with friends, Roger and Brian were left in the house alone with each other…
Brian was curious into knowing why Roger kept giving him strange looks, so whilst Roger was mucking about at the drums in the lounge. Brian was preparing his "let's confront the drummer speech" but the thing is he knew that Roger was good at dodging questions and pretending he didn't hear them and would wonder off.
As Brian walk through into the lounge he tripped over a spare drum Roger had left lying around.
"For fuck sake, Roger! Do you have to leave your drum set all over the fucking place?!"
"shit sorry Bri, you ok?"
"not as okay as I was earlier mind you"
"oh right…"
"anyways I wanted to ask you something!"
"yeah go on…"
"what's with the funny looks you keep giving me?"
"oww.. err…hey did you hear a noise?" changing the subject
"That is it Roger Taylor!"
"what? Why? What you doing?"
"I'm leaving unless you bloody well tell me what's with the funny look?!" Brian said aggressively
"why are you sorry?"
Roger looked at the floor and then stared into Brian's hazel eyes deeply, and said nothing but "I think I …" Brian didn't hear the last bit and said "What! Speak up!" Roger cried and yelled "I FUCKING WELL LOVE YOU, YOU FUCKING IDOIT!" Brian wide eyed and confused said "what since when? How long?" Roger went into story telling mode "you remember when we first met… ages ago… as you stood there on that stage tearing up the guitar like no tomorrow…" Brian "ahh yes BUT STILL YOU SAID YOU LOVE ME?" Roger "I'm getting to that… my eyes couldn't help but focus on nothing but you and I thought you had a nice-" Roger slammed his hands over his mouth and the force of the hit knocked him onto the floor next to Brian also pulling him on top, both men blushed an amazingly deep red. Brian stared into Roger's icy sea blue eyes and said "a nice??" Roger blurted out "ASS a nice ass okay!" Brian laughed and just smiled and traced his fingers down Roger chest as Roger bit his lip and stared at Brian's, Brian caught him looking and said "you know Roger, you have a nice arse"  and then stared deeper in Roger's eyes and Roger under the tremendous pressure of wanting Brian, grabbed his collar and crashed landed his lips into Brian's!
Brian was amazed yet not at all rejecting it. Roger then felt Brian's hands undoing his shirt, Roger started to undo his trousers. Brian then undid his own trousers and ripped off his own shirt, still locked in the kiss and then realising what they were doing separated, Roger felt like a fool and started apologising at rapid speed, Brian said "Roger shut it and just fuck me already" Roger stared at him.
The kiss went on… as the pair laid on top of each other getting each other's pants off; Roger whimpered "Is this really going to happen, Bri?" "YES I want you and I want you NOW!" Brian shouted. Roger then broke the kiss again and said "you first" Brian huffed and then said "turn over, you awkward twit" so Roger did as what he was told and then Brian got his chest up against Roger's back and whispered in his ear "you ready" Roger nodded and said "yeah" so Brian slid his hard cock into Roger's arse making Roger squeak a bit in pain. But as Brian got harder and stronger also deeper, Roger's squeaky became shouting Brian's name. Brian loved every second of it and Roger was starting to really love it and it became pleasurable after a bit, but just then …
Freddie and John walked into the lounge after hearing Roger's screaming and just stared at Brian (who at that moment had his cock up Roger's rear) and Roger who was sweeting and painting like hell, John was wide eye and just stared at his two naked, bonking band mates. Freddie on the other hand laughed and said "so next time do you want to CUM with us?" bursting into Laughter!
Roger looked over his shoulder at Brian who had hold off his hips and then turn to John and Freddie and shouted "FUCK OFF, I'm doing something here" Roger gave the "Yeah-nice-one-Brian" look and as the couple pulled away, Freddie and John  ran off out the lounge.



RockinRoggie's Profile Picture
Danie Payne.... Roger (Love Of My Life)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
well... what can i say...?
the name's Danie but you can call me Roggie! <3

i am in love with Queen! they rock!!
Roger Taylor is the best drummer ever, after Keith Moon,Ringo Starr and Phil Colins but Roger is the best in me books! hahaha

:glomp: :iconrogerletmethinkplz:

i'm in a band called ZEBEDEE and a Queen tribute band called QUEENZ OF RHYE!!!

and whatever i post hope you like it!


:iconbriancameplz: + :iconrogercameplz: = :iconbabymaylorplz:​… <---- John Deacon's Dance is now the Deaky Dance EVERYBODY DO JOHN DEACON'S DEAKY DANCE (AT BEGINGING) POST THIS ANYWHERE ON DEVIANTART, FACEBOOK, TWITTER ANYWHERE AND GET THE BEGINING DEAKY DANCE KNOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



and Vicky!! you know who you are! i forgot icon name :P

i write stories with :iconnegativenevermind::iluvjoger:

and am hopefully soon going to write a film script with :iconhappychupacabra:

i :sleep: in my spare time if not, listening to the :stereo:





Current Residence: home
Favourite genre of music: ROCK
Favourite photographer: Mick Rock
Favourite style of art: fine art or pop art
Wallpaper of choice: errr...
Skin of choice: my own
Favourite cartoon character: Bart Simpson
Personal Quote: don't say i didn't warn you

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